Traces – Bagri Art Trail, Asian Art in London 2021

21 October – 12 November

Traces is the first Bagri Foundation art trail organised on the occasion of Asian Art in London 2021.


Three London-based intergenerational contemporary artists are invited to respond to the beauty and history of selected artefacts and antiques shown by three participating galleries. For Traces – Bagri Art Trail, Yarli Allison, Zarah Hussain, and Keith Khan create original micro-commissions that are shown alongside the fantastic collections of Marchant, Shahnaz and Peter Finer galleries respectively. These encounters have sparked conversations between traditional and contemporary art with the creation of three original works that will be on show for the duration of Asian Art in London, 21 October – 6 November 2021, and beyond.

Emerging art historians are invited to write an original piece to further explore the relation between the galleries’ collections and the micro-commissions. The writers – Miyako Kato, Sohyun Kim, Giulia Resti – are selected in collaboration with the MA Modern and Contemporary Asian Art course at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London.

Weaving a path that links materials such as porcelain, jade, steel, leather, wood, and lacquer to digital and contemporary creations, the Bagri Art Trail explores how the traces of the past embodied by the antiques on show, speak to contemporary artists, and how contemporary artists can reinterpret and learn from them.
Aimed at facilitating new and unexpected encounters of traditional and contemporary Asian art, the Bagri Art Trail invites audiences to engage with and enjoy the dialogue among disciplines, art forms, materials, and histories.

Read more about the participating artists and galleries here.

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Participant Artists and Galleries 

Marchant Gallery

Marchant is a fourth-generation family-run gallery in Kensington Church Street, London, specialising in Imperial Chinese porcelain and works of art from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Yarli Allison

Yarli Allison (b.1988) is a mixed media artist who focuses on grief, Asian diasporas, queerness, digital humanity with sculptures, moving-images, creative technology, performance and drawings.

Peter Finer Gallery

Peter Finer is a family business that specialises in Antique Arms and Armour from cultures worldwide, which has been established for over 50 years.

Keith Khan

Keith Khan (b. 1963) is a multidisciplinary artist who creates an iconography that represents his beliefs through an amalgam of extreme simplification and geometry in digital and textile environments. 

Shahnaz Gallery

Shahnaz Gallery specialises in Islamic and Asian art and antiques, internationally renowned for rare and important works of art.

Zarah Hussain

Zarah Hussain (b. 1980) has spent many years perfecting the traditional techniques for creating mathematically precise, geometric art and then adapting them to produce unique works with a contemporary resonance across a range of disciplines.

Commissioned writers 

Miyako Kato

Born and raised in Japan, Miyako moved to London in 2017. She graduated from Osaka University of Foreign Studies in Social Development Studies and Italian language. She gained the MA in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, specialising in contemporary Asian art with research interests in the intersections between society, art and disaster and the nature of contemporaneity in the global context. Her focus also extends to contemporary approach to historical memories. Currently, she works as an intern at the Daiwa Foundation London liaising with contemporary artists from Japan and U.K-based curators to facilitate exhibition projects and webinars.

Associated Gallery/Artist: Shahnaz Gallery / Zarah Hussain 


Sohyun Kim

Sohyun Kim is a specialist in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art. Working alongside international curators, artists and art associates, Sohyun has been part of numerous curatorial projects for contemporary art exhibitions, events and creative developments. Assisting with the research and management of various projects, she has experience in collaborating with diverse organisations to support the works of international artists. With a Bachelor’s degree in design, acquired through the University of New South Wales, Australia, Sohyun has continued her studies completing an MA in Modern and Contemporary Asian Arts at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. Since 2019, Sohyun has been working as an independent curator, collaborating with international artists on projects including the online art auction charity project ‘Choose Art Give Light to Refugees’(2020) and the Seoul city public art project, Jewyo Rhii’s ‘Love Your Depot’(2021).

Associated Gallery/Artist: Peter Finer Gallery /Keith Khan 

Giulia Resti

Giulia Resti is a recent graduate with a background of expertise in Asia and Asian Art. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Language, Culture and Society of Asia, Giulia furthered her knowledge with a highly formative Master’s Degree in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. Being an extremely curious person, she is a tireless student and researcher. She is particularly interested in multidisciplinary and conceptual art practices, time and space, gender and identities in Chinese art. Her latest research delved into performance art and the use of the body as a tool in the process of the making and unmaking of existential meaning. She has also been focussing her attention on the curatorial practice, training her critical and creative thinking and thus starting to develop a personal taste and methodology. She is now a Client Service Administrator at Bonhams, London.

Associated Gallery/Artist: Marchant Gallery / Yarli Allison

Partners & Collaborators 

Asian Art in London

Founded in 1998 and now in its 24th year, Asian Art in London celebrates London as an international centre for expertise and excellence in Asian art. 

Its annual programme focuses on a central event taking place each autumn in and around Central London. Its participants, are made up of London’s premier Indian & Islamic art galleries and the leading East Asian art galleries, together with leading Asian art dealers based outside London and abroad. Also among its participants are the three main central London auction houses, and additional specialist auction houses from across the UK and internationally. This year has seen the addition of an overseas participant category, for those who cannot travel to exhibit in Central London, to strengthen Asian Art in London’s international presence.
In 2020, Asian Art in London expanded to include an Indian & Islamic focus for the first half of the event and concentrates on East Asian art during the second half. This coincides with the major art auctions of Indian & Islamic and East Asian art in London.

Asian Art in London is overseen by a board selected from the participants, promoting the year-long programme as a whole and London as a global centre of commerce and expertise in Asian art. 

Sotheby's Institute of Art

Sotheby’s auction house was founded in 1744 when entrepreneur, occasional publisher, and successful businessman Samuel Baker held his first auction. Today at Sotheby’s Institute, we emphasize a keen understanding of an object’s value and history, a spirit of inquiry and scholarship, business acumen, and innovation that build upon these foundational values and continue to leverage the access of the world’s largest art business. 

The Institute offers educational programs for professionals, pre-college audiences, and graduate students seeking expertise in art business and an understanding of the multi-billion global art economy. Our course offerings cover everything from art history to key business skills and are taught at our campuses located in the world’s art capitals of London and New York, as well as online. Courses at Sotheby’s Institute are structured with the guiding principle that education is gained in the classroom, but equally important is hands-on experience and situational context. Institute faculty are experts and leaders in their fields, bringing a wealth of practical knowledge from their professional experiences as well as a solid academic grounding to all students.