The Bottom Drawer 2020 – Writers on Inspiration

15 July 2020 – 15 October 2020


Project description

Bagri Foundation is pleased to launch the series The Bottom Drawer.  Starting from Wednesday 15 July, it features a series of online interviews with an array of writers from across Asia and the diaspora. Each are asked to ponder a number of questions that are telling about what inspired them to write. Hinged around their earliest efforts, these are often described as ‘The Bottom Drawer’, as that is where these are usually consigned to.

The series kicks off with a conversation with journalist and editor Zahra Hankir interviewed by our Head of Arts, Chelsea Pettitt via Instagram Live.  Featuring guest interviewers alongside the Bagri Foundation team, we are pleased to confirm some of the following guests:

15 July – Zahra Hankir interviewed by Chelsea Pettitt | 28 July – Pavana Reddy interviewed by SS Haque | 11 August – Sharlene Teo interviewed by Chelsea Pettitt | 21 August – Nguyẽ̂n Phan Quế Mai interviewed by Chelsea Pettitt | 25 August – Deepa Anappara interviewed by Sarah Shaffi | 8 September – Anjali Joseph interviewed by Katy Carr | 30 September – Intan Paramaditha interviewed by Anna Temby | 15 October – Will Harris and Nina Mingya Powles in conversation.