The Bottom Drawer 2021 – Books that Changed my Life

27 May – 24 June 2021

Project description

The Bagri Foundation presents the second edition of The Bottom Drawer, a literature programme launched in 2020. As part of the Foundation’s Chang/ce theme for 2021, the team have invited a new set of writers to share the books that changed their life, how and why they did – and discuss their UK debut novel. 

Each event is presented on the Foundation’s digital channels throughout May and June. The authors are asked to ponder a number of questions that will be telling about what inspired them to write, hinged around their earliest efforts, often described as ‘The Bottom Drawer’, as that is where these are usually consigned to. Within the theme of 2021, the writers will also be asked about major turning points for them, including books or moments that changed their life and the publishing of their latest novel. 

Read the full press release here.

The authors, guest interviewers and dates of release are as follows (each episode is released on IGTV, Facebook and YouTube from 2pm BST):

27 May – Te-Ping Chen interviewed by Chelsea Pettitt YouTube video

3 June – Neema Shah interviewed by Ashanti Omkar – YouTube video

10 June – Huma Qureshi interviewed by SS Haque – YouTube Video

17 June – Elizabeth Miki Brina interviewed by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan – YouTube Video

24 June – Rahul Raina interviewed by Sarah Shaffi – YouTube video 

2 July – Saumya Roy interviewed by Chelsea Pettitt – YouTube Video