Navigating Change – Pivoting and Re-envisioning the Arts

11, 18 and 25 May 2021

Project description

As part of its season of Chang/ce, for its new series of panel discussions titled Navigating Change, the Bagri Foundation invites international speakers from across arts disciplines to discuss their practice in the face of change and chance and to explore how they navigate risk and scenarios out of their control.  

In response to specific prompts, followed by a communal conversation, the speakers bring multidisciplinary perspectives from contemporary art, dance, music, traditional arts and philanthropy to answer how they have embraced positive and meaningful change into their life and practice in 2021. They present new ways of working since 2020, discuss how they approach chance and risk going forward, and share their learning in the hope to inspire others.

The Navigating Change series presents three panels released throughout May 2021 – View the full playlist on our Digital page or on YouTube

Navigating Change has been curated and produced by the Bagri Foundation.