The Case of Arabic Hip-Hop

11 October 2022, BLTNM, London

9 November, Marwan Moussa and Afroto, London 

Project description

The Bagri Foundation is proud to present a series of events in collaboration with Marsm UK to explore the contemporary evolution of rap, hip hop, trap and electronica in Southwest Asia and North Africa.

In October 2022, Marsm and Bagri Foundation are joining forces to present the UK debut of the pioneering Palestinian collective and label BLTNM. Founded in 2016, BLTNM has become one of the most recognisable names in the scene, placing Ramallah on the map as an international powerhouse of music. A collective of six artists renowned for their string of almost anthemic releases, BLTNM’s music has become the soundtrack of their generation, and their beat goes unmatched

In November 2022, Marsm and Bagri Foundation are excited to support the London debut of the Egyptian artists Marwan Moussa and Afroto who are spearheading the infectious wave of Arab-trap in the region. The two artists from ra2smal collective, who are also best friends offstage, will be performing their own hits, new releases and sharing the stage to perform their collaboration tracks. Also in November, the third and final event, SWANA Hip-hop showcase, features a stellar night of hip-hop, beats and grime by the pioneering Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar, the London/Iranian grime songstress Shay D and Moroccan/French rapper and singer-songwriter Rita L’Oujdia.

About Marsm UK

Marsm is an events company that promotes the rich and diverse musical cultures of the Arabic-speaking world across the UK. London-based concert producer and organiser for alternative and underground Arab music events in the UK: from hosting some of the biggest names in the region to emboldening the burgeoning underground music scenes, Marsm supports the exceptional creativity and talent of artists across the Arabic-speaking world. With events spanning from hip-hop and rock to Mahraganat, Dabke and Sufi, we challenge the dogmas of cultural production and present an established UK platform for SWANA arts and culture in its original spirit.

* An event planned for the 4th June 2022 featuring El Waili, Idreesi, and Donia Wael has been cancelled due to Visa issues.