Lunar Halo at Sadler’s Wells Theatre


Project Description

The Bagri Foundation is proud to support Lunar Halo at Sadler’s Wells, presented by the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. 

Artistic Director Cheng Tsung-lung first observed a lunar halo – a sparkling ring around the moon – in the sky over Iceland. The phenomenon is said to predict an impending storm and, on a deeper level, forebodes a time of considerable change.

Working with the Icelandic band Sigur Rós, Cheng now explores the changes that are shaping our world today, particularly our increasing reliance on communicating through new technology.

Accompanied by a hauntingly ethereal soundtrack, the performance asks: if we can satisfy our needs and desires with just a few taps of a screen, what is the purpose of the human body?

About Sadler’s Wells

As one of the world’s leading dance organisations, Sadler’s Wells strives to make and share dance that inspires all. It believes in the power of dance to build bridges of understanding and create a depth of connection beyond culture and language.