TWMAIRL – Reading Group: “Time Reflection: What have you read in the lockdown?” by Howl Yuan

Howl wondered if there’s anyone like him, the lockdown made him read a lot more, and he also wondered what other people read during the lockdown, and where those readings bring them to?

This sharing section invites people to exchange what they read over the lockdown and pandemic. It could be a book, article, essay, statement etc. In the reading group, the participant who recommended the reading would give a brief of this reading, why do they pick up this? How does it make them feel? Why do you recommend it to the rest of us?

The capacity of this reading group will be around 10 pp.

Time Reflection: What have you read in the lockdown? by Howl Yuan is part of Asia-Art-Activism’s programme Till We Meet Again IRL, Best Wishes, Asia-Art-Activism, 29 October – 29 November 2020. Supported by the Bagri Foundation.

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Howl Yuan (原承伯) is a Taiwanese, Bristol-based performance maker, writer, curator, researcher and alternative podcast host. He holds a Master’s degree in performance (theatre) from University of Chichester, and is a Ph.D. candidate at University of Exeter. His practices focus on cultural identity, mobility, migration, sites and places. His works and projects have been presented in numerous venues and festivals across Taiwan and the UK, such as Camden People’s Theatre, The Wardrobe Theatre, Marlborough Theatre, Exeter Phoenix, Spill Festival, Migration Matters Festival, and Chinese Arts Now Festival in the UK; and The Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre, The Pier-2 Art Centre, Acid House, Taipei Contemporary Art Centre, and Taroko Arts Residency Project in Taiwan. Howl also curates and initiates different projects. One of them is Artists Home Swap, a performance arts exchange program between Taiwan and the UK. AHS highlights crossing cultural values in artistic influence to communities; and aims to open up the intercultural dialogues by artists and artworks. In addition, he is the guest curator in Migration Matters Festival 2020-2021. Howl’s writing appears on Performing Arts Forum (Macao), LAC studio (China), and Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Australia). He is also one of the core members and host for the performing arts podcast Ming Strike.


Nov 12 2020


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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