Open Up with Sung Tieu

Our Project Manager, Alessandra Cianetti, talks to artist Sung Tieu through the Open Up series. Premiering at 11am BST on Wednesday 27 October, we ask some probing questions to Sung such as, ‘If you could be remembered for one thing what would it be?’ and ‘What are you most afraid of?’. Through these questions, we explore what drives her, inspires her, terrifies her; and ultimately what is most important to her. Living through this incredible period of history, we want to take stock and ask artists to open up to us through this interview series.



Sung Tieu’s (1987, Hai Duong, Vietnam) work takes place at the intersection of her personal experiences, global history, cultural incursions of dematerialised art traditions. Tieu’s own emigration from Vietnam to Germany is central to her work, impelling her to address Post-Cold War histories and the diasporic experience of unfixed temporal and spatial certainties. Her minimal and yet immersive sound and video installations, sculptures, performances and public interventions result from her research into state-imposed power structures, working through and with spatial dislocation while paying attention to the exhibition as a complex space of sensorial experience. Through her personal lens of post-colonial identity and cultural membership, she upsets the status of objective narration and proof-making. Instead, Tieu’s work foregrounds the ways evidence is manipulated to serve socio-political agendas and reinforce imperialist violence both of physical and psychological nature. Recent institutional solo exhibitions include Zugzwang (2020) at Haus der Kunst, Munich and In Cold Print (2020) at Nottingham Contemporary. Forthcoming projects include Hamburger Bahnhof, Germany (2020), 34th Sao Paulo Biennial, Basil (2021), Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland (2021), Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany (2021) and Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan (2021). Tieu is also part of the artist collective East London Cable, together with Aoibheann Greenan, Dan Marre, Eve Stainton, Florence Peake, Jos Bitelli, Louis Brown and Wojciech Kosma.


Oct 27 2020


3:00 pm

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