Japan Season 2021: Drummers Unite! Joji Hirota and Spark

Drummers Unite! is the grand finale of Japan Season 2021, a programme of online and in-person events curated by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, University of Oxford, that celebrates the rich histories, literatures and languages of Japan with a range of online and in-person events.

Japan encompasses many different contributions to the world – and this is reflected in the diverse ways in which it is studied and researched at Oxford. The arts and culture, alongside the rich histories, literatures and languages of Japan, features as part of a wide-reaching cultural festival in late 2021, led by the University of Oxford as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme.

Bringing together artists and performers based both in the UK and in Japan, the events series engages the wider public through public events, grounded in collaboration. This festival both showcases the work of creative performers and artists and reach diverse large audiences in Oxford; it will also have a global reach where the material goes online.


Drummers Unite! will open with a performance by Spark! that combines high-impact drumming, dynamic choreography and beautiful lighting design. Joji Hirota and The London Taiko Drummers will then perform a series of lively compositions for 45 minutes before returning to Spark! for the finale.

Tickets are free but booking is required.

6.00 pm: SPARK!

6.15 pm: Joji Hirota and The London Taiko Drummers (full set details below)

7.00 pm: SPARK! Finale



Joji Hirota and The London Taiko Drummers. Founded in 80’s is regarded as a highly established Japanese traditional and contemporary Taiko Drumming Group. The leader Joji Hirota works in various fields such as music, dance, theatre, films, TV. Hirota’s Composition for their production of ONNAGATA Lindsay Kemp Co. won Time Out Award for the best dance company. The group was the opening act for the LIVE EARTH at Wembley stadium.

Spark!  is a medium-scale street theatre show performed by five to seven characters that combines high-impact drumming, dynamic choreography and beautiful lighting design. The performance combines static set-pieces, movement between sites and audience interaction. The performers constantly shift the focal point of the show and sometimes surround the audience completely so they feel immersed in the drama which unfolds. The show gradually builds in intensity culminating in a huge climax of light, sound, smoke and movement.

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Nov 29 2021


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Oxford

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