From the Lips to the Moon – March

A new-exquisite-inclusive-challenging-relaxing-empowering-exciting-mindbending night out in London. Expect riveting live music, mind-bending beats, absurd texts, fierce poetry and hypnotic visuals.

From the Lips to the Moon is a collaboration between live-electronic music wizard Pouya Ehsaei and voice-shifting writer Tara Fatehi. Pouya and Tara curate From the Lips to the Moon as regular music and poetry nights at Reference Point where they invite poets, musicians and visual artists to join them on stage in creating one-off live performances.

We get together to pierce the clouds of darkness, demolition, fire and poisonous gas covering the skies from Boroujerd to Huwara. Only a few days after Nowruz – the solar new year, celebrated on the spring equinox by Iranians, Kurds, Afghans, Tajiks, Azerbaijanis, Turkmens and many others – this evening will celebrate and contemplate themes of new beginning, resurgence, resistance, empowerment and life. We collectively celebrate livelihood, rising from ashes, and sprouting afresh from our wounds.

From the Lips to the Moon is coming back to Reference Point with a great lineup of poets and musicians. Jabbaristan’s magical voice and tanbur will induce smiley tears. Whether dealing with the climate emergency or everyday life and family, Gboyega Odubanjo’s poetry offers that cunning sense of humour we so need these days. Silai’s strong presence and words will slap us in the face. And in between hosting, singing and shapeshifting, Tara Fatehi will tickle your senses and brains. All this is merged into each other with the at times eerie at times dancy music and soundscape composed live by Pouya Ehsaei and hypnotic visuals generated live by Sadler Johnson (2 Digit Visuals). We’ll start and end the evening with highlights from DJ Ritu‘s eclectic repertoire.


Created by: Pouya Ehsaei (music, electronics), Tara Fatehi (vocals, poetry)

With: Jabbaristan (Tanbur and Vocals), Gboyega Odubanjo (Poetry), Silai (Poetry), DJ Ritu (Dj set), 2 Digit Visuals (live visuals) and more guests.

Illustration on poster by Hamid Hosseini Bardaskan

Supported by Bagri Foundation


Mar 23 2023


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

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Reference Point
2 Arundel St, Temple, London WC2R 3DA