Chang/ce – An Open Call for Animations

January 2021 

[This call has now closed]

The selected artists to make new commissions are: Rama Duwaji, Meera Krishnamurthy and Nuka Nayu. Read more about them here. Their work will premiere online from July 2021.

Chang/ce. An open call for Animations

Inspired by the Chinese classic, the I Ching or ‘Book of Changes’, the Bagri Foundation releases an open call that invites submissions from illustrators and animators focussing on the idea of ‘Change’.  

The I Ching also, for some, represents randomness, fate or prophecy. Therefore, it can be interpreted in many ways, depending on one’s inspiration. Change and prophecy can represent a scary or uncertain future, but it can also mean an exciting new path, a chance for renewal or a challenge that must be undertaken. As 2021 kicks off, the world forges ahead towards surprise, disappointment or perhaps inspiration. Is this a time of major change for you? Do you believe in fate or prophecies? Do you utilise randomness in your work to create new ways of thinking and making 

Ultimately the outcome would be a new animation that can be shown digitally. This might be narrated, written, filmed, collaged, hand-drawn, stop motion, Claymation, photography, digitally designed – the options are endless, and the Foundation is open to something exciting and unique, which inspires us to look at the future together. 


Who is eligible to apply? 

We welcome proposals from artists, illustrators, designers, and animators in which the opportunity to experiment and receive resources from a major arts organisation would be impactful. We encourage anyone who considers themselves an emerging artist to apply.  

Proposals can be submitted by single artists or artist collectives that meet the below criteria: 

 – Applicants must have experience conceiving and executing works or projects 

– This is a global discourse, so applicants from anywhere in Asia and the diaspora are welcome, although, we will be prioritising the voices of those who live in Asia. 

What do we mean when we say Asia? 

The Foundation supports work by artists from all of Asia and its diaspora in its broadest sense. This includes Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.  

How do I apply? 

Interested artists are required to fill in a Google Form via the application portal – this can be written or recorded via audio/video if you prefer. You will be asked to submit the following: 

  • Your CV or resume. This is so that we understand where your work has been seen before. 
  • A short bio. This is so we understand how you contextualise your work within the wider world and what your inspiration is. 
  • A general statement of interest towards making a new work for the open call. This should be approximately 500 words to maintain a realistic expectation of your time and the time of the guest selectors. 
  • Links to your previous works or website. If you are unable to provide links, then you can upload up to five examples of your work directly (size limits will apply). 

Deadline for proposals is Monday 15 February 2021 at 10am UK time.  

Due to the cross-border nature of the open call, proposals will only be accepted electronically. Materials sent by mail, in person, or by phone will not be considered, but we are happy to provide another format if Google Forms does not work in your country. Please review all of the FAQs before contacting us further at 

Where do I find the form? 

You can submit your proposal through Google Forms Here. The Google Form questions can be found here in advance for you to prepare.

Is there an artist fee granted for the selected proposal? 

Yes, the selected artists will receive an honorarium of £3000 each (inclusive of taxes and expenses) for the preparation and delivery of the digital contribution. 

What is the budget? 

Artists should propose a project that they feel can be realised in return for the £3000 honorarium. In addition, the selected artists will be supported by Bagri Foundation team in every aspect of marketing, audience building and engagement and mentorship. 

How will the artist be selected? 

All complete proposals received by 15 February 2021 at 10am UK time will be reviewed internally by Bagri Foundation team for eligibility, and a longlist shared with the guest selectors and partners. In February, selected artists will be notified, and online marketing campaign shall commence.  

Who are the Guest Selectors? 

The guest selectors for this project are Reaksmey Yean (Centre for Khmer Studies, Cambodia), Sahej Rahal (Artist, Mumbai), Intan Paramaditha (Novelist) and Olivia Ahmad (House of Illustration). Their full bios can be found on the Website here.

How will we make our decisions?  

The general statement specifying how the work proposed engages with the open call’s theme, and previous examples of work will be reviewed by all partners and weigh heavily on our selection process. We are looking for exciting stories and ideas and that we haven’t seen or supported before (please visit the Bagri Foundation’s website to have a better idea of the artists and practices we have supported so far). A multidisciplinary and collaborative response is welcomed, as is a nod to traditional Asian ways of working whether it is through craft, oral history, or other ways of storytelling and artistic creation. In order to include global perspectives, we will prioritise artists who have not shown work in the UK much before, and who live in an Asian country, but this is not mandatory upon application.   

When will the selected artists be announced?  

The selected artists will be announced in March 2021 

Can we apply as a Collective? 

We welcome proposals from existing collectives with a history of making work together. Collectives must apply under a single account and ask that they provide biographical information for each member. The total amount of the fee will remain £3000. 

How many proposals can I submit?  

We will accept maximum two proposals per artist. If someone submits more than two proposals – whether as an individual or as a part of a collective – we will only review the first two received. Only one per artist would be selected, however. 

When will the selected project open to the public?  

The selected works will be presented on a dedicated online ‘exhibition’ platform, hosted via Bagri Foundation and partners from July 2021 for two months. 

Are there any important dates I should know?   

  • 13 January 2021Application portal opens
  • 15 February 2021Application portal closes at 10am UK time
  • End of FebruaryShortlisted artists notified
  • Early March: Artists selection announced
  • Early Juneanimations delivery
  • Julycommissions released 

Where will the selected commissions take place? 

Given the electronic nature of the commissions, selected works will be presented via online platforms, hosted via Bagri Foundation on our website and all other connected social media platforms. They will be shown together as a virtual ‘exhibition’ alongside collateral online interviews to interpret and engage with the works. 

What kind of work are we looking for? 

We welcome applications to make a digital animation responding to the theme. We particularly respond to work that draws from Asian cultural aesthetics and history, interpreted in a more contemporary way. We expect the works to form a narrative, rather than be abstract, and to be a short film (most likely less than 15mins).  

Where will the commissions be presented once delivered? 

The commissions will be presented on the Bagri Foundation’s dedicated digital exhibition platform. We will retain the commissions in a digital archive, unless otherwise agreed. Any potential additional presentation of the commissions will be agreed with the artist in advance. The commissioned artists will maintain the authorship and ownership of the work.