At Home in the World

January – August 2020

Project description

The Bagri Foundation is delighted to announce the five winners of its open call for At Home in the World, a series of £1,000 online commissions established in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The winners of the five categories are awarded as follows: Film – Eiko Soga; Lectures & Courses – Noel Ed De Leon; Sound – Jennae Santos; Visual Art – Jasmin Kent Rodgman; Written Word – Shagufta Iqbal.

At Home in the World invited artists, writers, musicians, curators, filmmakers, researchers and academics from Asia or the diaspora to create online works to be presented across the Foundation’s digital platforms. The Foundation sought applications from those who have been adversely affected by Covid-19 and who have suffered cancellations of work as a result. There was no strict brief for the commissions, and the Foundation encouraged a diversity of proposals that explores ways of thinking about survival, care, and solidarity, offered from a place of hope.

The commissions were presented across all appropriate Bagri Foundation’s digital platforms from June through the end of August 2020. Some of them are permanently accessible on the Foundation website.