Our Story

The Bagri Foundation, established in 1990, is a family foundation spanning three generations. With a shared spirit of curiosity we are driven by a desire to learn and are inspired by creative, unique and unexpected ideas that weave the traditional and the contemporary of Asian culture.

The Foundation prioritises working collaboratively within a mutually supportive community of partners who share our vision. Through this dynamic and cross-disciplinary way of working, we are able to support a myriad of exciting artistic programmes that challenge, engage and inspire.  

Through a diverse programme of film, visual arts, music, dance, literature, courses and lectures, we give artists and experts from across Asia, or those inspired by the continent, wider visibility on the global stage.

Our Aims

  • Contribute to global discourse by encouraging artistic dialogue between cultures and disciplines
  • Support new artistic work by extraordinary talent
  • Share knowledge and expertise from, about or inspired by cultures across Asia
  • Support ground-breaking artistic interpretations and new ideas that creatively engage the traditional and the contemporary

We achieve these aims through our dedicated programming strands:

Our Partners