WSABI Fox - Loops for Bedroom Dancers, Passion Play


Jennae Santos
Christine Kazanchian
Jessica Ray
Jazz Goldman
Caressa Casasos

Music by WSABI Fox
Jennae Santos: guitars, production, mix, engineer
Dave Palazola: drums, engineer
Alex Goldberg: drums, engineer, mix, master
Chris Connors: engineer

Statues Toppled:
Christopher Columbus in St Paul, Minnesota on 4 June 2020
Edward Colston falling to the ground in Bristol on 7 June 2020

Loops for Bedroom Dancers is a 3-part movement video series exploring intimate and communal Movement in the personal, physical, & political sense of the word.

For the first half of each video, dancers of various movement backgrounds film themselves in their bedroom isolations through Covid quarantine, soundtracked by WSABI Fox’s slowly evolving guitar loop drones. These loops were initially created as the foundation of WSABI Fox’s LP1, before the pandemic cancelled their recording plans.

The second half of each video takes place outdoors, as we break free from quarantine and begin moving together. Drums kick in, embedded with WSABI Fox’s growing collection of Anti-Racist beats: audio samples sourced from Confederate, racist, & coloniser statues crashing to the pavement at the hands of protestors across America & in the U.K.

Composed in a dynamic style reminiscent of a modern video chat in Covid, these videos also feature personal movement writings throughout by each dancer. 
WSABI Fox will release each song with recommended movement exercise prompts for any willing body to explore at home in their own bedroom. “Passion Play” is available for purchase on Bandcamp

In line with WSABI Fox’s guiding principles in the Harvest of love and community and the Fight for the oppressed body, as represented in the Sanggot (the “S” in WSABI, a Visayan Philippine hand sickle and martial arts blade), proceeds support the agrarian and Indigenous rights movement in the Philippines: Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas, the Peasant Farmers’ Movement Bungkalan Food Production Campaign, and Sabokahan, the Lumad Women of the Southern Philippines

Loops for Bedroom Dancers is commissioned as part of At Home in the World presented by the Bagri Foundation.