Where I’m Coming From

4-31 October 2021 | Online

Where I’m Coming From is a month-long digital programme dedicated to languages that are present and spoken by migrant communities in the UK.

Focussing on Thai, Tamil, Burmese, and Ewe, this year’s programme aims to open up conversations around the exclusivity of language in accessing the production and consumption of arts and culture, alongside considering the wider cultural presence of underrepresented artists and groups in international art debates.

Devised to challenge the assumed position of the English language and its hegemonic stature as a given and universal form of communication, Where I’m Coming From (WICF) highlights the beauty, intricacies and complexities of the languages featured through the project. WICF orients towards increasing opportunities for new ways of working collaboratively, rethinking the impact and role of arts and culture in a pandemic and post-pandemic scenario. It emphasises with careful thought the vested importance of highlighting diversity and pluralism in such unique times. At the same time, the programme endeavours to experiment with various models to mediate the digital experience and proximity.

Artists, Musicians & Cooks: Kullathida Krajangkul, Ar-Lek Chokerompluek, Baan Noorg, Thaipface, Poonam Jain, Rajini Nathan, Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy, Mathushaa Sagthidas, BOUHINGA, Nyein Chan Aung, Enchax, Moe Satt, Captain, Va-Bene Fiatsi, Megborna, Kafui Chordz.

Conceptualised and curated by: Rhine Bernardino and Linda Rocco (_inventory platform) 

Where I’m Coming From is supported by Genesis Foundation and Bagri Foundation.

The programme is delivered in partnership with Jatiwangi Art Factory, Perfocraze International Artist Residency (PIAR), Plebeian Artistic Activist Project (PAPP) and Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture.

To know more about the project and how to access the events visit our Events page here