Cuong Pham

TWMAIRL – Screening Pathway: “Dimension-Perception” by Cuong Pham

“Dimension ~ Perception” by Cuong Pham

Pathway: Call me by my true names by Sit Weng San – In Virtual Return You (can’t) Dehaunt  |  於虛擬的彼岸 迴魂(不)散 by Yarli Allison – On the edge of uncertainty, may I fly? By Mia Cabalfin – untitled [circuit breaker] by CHILLIDXDDY x Bootlicker

For many of us the pandemic has forced us online, screen time has shot up, and analogue meetings are few between. Our lives are now reshaped by aching thumbs, Zoom fatigue, and video call background envy. Small talk, latent spaces, improvised entanglements have given way to the linearity of video meetings, where faces are stacked in grid. There are limits to how much control we have of our environment and the effects it can have on us intrinsically, thus sometimes it is important to rethink and recalibrate how we work in our new world.

Call me by my true names follows activists and their own search looking for a level of existence or consciousness, adding practice of care and spirituality to their community work. In Virtual Return You (can’t) Dehaunt  |  於虛擬的彼岸 迴魂(不)散 travels with four individuals back to homes that have been reimagined & reconstructed from memory in Virtual Reality, blurring the lines between imaginary and reality. On the edge of uncertainty, may I fly? As the subject moves on a platform that seemingly looks like it is floating, the different angles give the viewer a different sense of space, dimension, and intimacy. In untitled [circuit breaker] the video piece slowly unravels sound and visual textures, making the viewer suddenly aware of their surroundings.

This pathway doesn’t prescribe an order for viewing, so please feel free to reshuffle them, or even add films within the programme to make your own pathway, feel free to find your own dimension ~ perception.

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