Strauss Reflected

4 November 2017, Cadogan Hall


Project description

John Suchet presents an evening devoted to exploring the glorious waltzes, polkas and marches of the Strauss family. 

David Murphy conducts Sinfonia Verdi in these Viennese favourites with vocal improvisations from Hindustani Classical Vocalist Meeta Pandit.

Few families have had such emotionally charged, dramatic and tumultuous lives as the Strauss family. In the hands of John Suchet these are brought to life with verve, humour and passion as he narrates the stories behind their most loved masterpieces.

Suchet is one of the UK’s favourite personalities, famed for his television work, his Classic FM programme and his many books that have introduced millions to the world of classical music. His love and knowledge of the Viennese classics is evident in his best-selling book ‘The Last Waltz: The Strauss Dynasty and Vienna.’

The Reflected series of concerts will bring together John Suchet and David Murphy in examining the live and work of great composers. For this inaugural concert, the Bagri Foundation have invited two prominent musicians from the Indian sub-continent, vocalist Meeta Pandit and tabla player Hiren Chate, to share the stage with the orchestra so that they can give improvised responses to what they’ve just heard. Such dialogue between them and the orchestra gives audiences a unique opportunity to hear such familiar music refracted through the prism of Indian music thus giving them an appreciation of the emotions and beauty of Indian musicianship.