Small Talk

 October 2016 – June 2017

The Bagri Foundation presents a series of seven online videos called Small Talk. This captivating  series features conversations between fascinating people from across various disciplines including music, cinema, art, anthropology, politics and philosophy. Each month, our guests choose a theme which is close to their heart for an engaging discussion.

  • Our first Small Talk looks at the art of documentary film with professional photographer Benjamin Dix and film writer and director Richie Mehta.
  • In our second Small Talk, Dr Max Carocci and Dr Jessica Frazier challenge our approach and perception of the world.
  • In our third Small Talk, join former monk and long-term peace and environmental activist Satish Kumar and conductor and musical pioneer David Murphy as they discuss various themes from spirituality to ecology, from education to music and how they differ and connect depending if they’re from a Western or Eastern tradition.
  • In our fourth episode, acclaimed Hindustani Classical vocalist, Meeta Pandit discusses Indian music with award-winning broadcaster, journalist, novelist and Indian Classical music specialist Jameela Siddiqi.
  • In our fifth episode, professional photographer and journalist Dr Benjamin Dix, illustrator Gabrielle Frödén and human rights journalist and broadcaster Bidisha come together to discuss art and human rights and how the two interconnect. They discuss various subjects including issues of identity, politics, the refugee crisis, storytelling and graphic novels.
  • This sixth Small Talk explores Indian and Western music covering various subjects from East-West fusion to the concepts and techniques of each tradition from ragas to scoring music and how both musical forms differ and connect. It features Jameela Siddiqi and David Murphy who unpack the roots of these musical traditions and their common language – the harmonic series.
  • In our final Small Talk we cover Indian cinema with screenwriter, director and producer Prashant Nair and film producer Swati Shetty.