The Rediscovery & Reception of Gandharan Art Workshop Online

The Rediscovery & Reception of Gandharan Art Workshop was presented by the Classical Art Research Centre (CARC) from 24th-26th March 2021 and it is now fully available online.

Below we share an extract of one of the presentations which the team found fascinating called Stories of Gandhara: Antiquity, Art & Idol presented by Dr Shaila Bhatti.

In the fourth international workshop of the Project, CARC sought exchange of new information and ideas about two aspects of Gandharan art in the modern world. Firstly, they examined the ‘rediscovery’ of Gandharan culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. To what extent can the consideration of museum collections, archival documents, and other evidence help us to reconstitute lost information about the provenance and meaning of Gandharan artefacts and sites? And a broader question: how is such evidence shaped and mediated by the experience of Gandhara in the context of colonial rule? Can we – and should we – try to think Gandharan art out of that political, cultural, and ideological setting in which it was first recognized as an academic field?

Secondly, they considered the subsequent shifting, and often disputed, significance of Gandharan art in different places and periods, in South Asia and Central Asia, in Europe, America and the Far East; in world museums, private collections and the controversial antiquities market; in public perceptions of cross-cultural connections and the so-called ‘Silk Road’; from narratives of national identity and cultural heritage, to popular ideas of ancient and modern globalization.

Find all of the videos from the three days and summaries of each of the six sessions here on the CARC website.

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