Tales of the Silk Road – Chapter 3: Syria

Film still from Això Era Casa Meva, Directed by Xavi Segura


Bagri Foundation and Shorts On Tap present ‘Tales of the Silk Road – Chapter 3: Syria’, on Wednesday 24 July 2019, 1:45pm – 5pm at the BFI Southbank (NFT2 cinema) London SE1 8XT. FREE ENTRY – PLEASE RSVP HERE: http://bit.ly/2KLD2M5

Through an engaging programme of music, short films, activist videos, documentaries and discussion, we share the voices of Syria, its human stories and the country’s vision for the future.

We see a country whose rich history and culture has been deeply affected by recent, devastating conflict and this narrative leads much of the artistic output. Yet within this, we feature gems of storytelling and activism.

The event will be hosted by Syrian/Spanish researcher Gabriel Garroum and will feature a special live performance by Syrian oud player Rihab Azar.

The screenings will be followed by a panel discussion with attending filmmakers and broadcaster, journalist and filmmaker Bidisha and Syrian researcher and writer Zaher Omareen.

After the event we’ll head to Benugo Bar at BFI for a cinema social hour until 6pm!


Això Era Casa Meva (This Was My Home), (2019) 42 minutes, Directed by Xavi Segura

Gabriel Garroum, a Catalan-Syrian political scientist, returns to Syria after 7 years of war. Through this journey, he will re-discover the two main cities of the country: Damascus, the capital city, and Aleppo, the hometown of his father. We will explore experiences of war through the testimonies of local Syrians and the members of his family. Lived experiences of war that, through Gabriel’s analysis, will help us understand how violence and the material destruction of space transform people’s identity.

Aleppo, (2019), 20 minutes 11 seconds, Directed by Anthony Grippa

A successful Syrian-American doctor survives a devastating attack at a hospital in Aleppo. Now home

in New York and unable to recognize faces, she must come to terms with her memories of Aleppo and the pieces of herself that were left there.

Barbed Wire, 4 minutes 44 seconds, Filmed and directed by Aktham Alwani

“All I wanted was to live like others; I didn’t know that I would become criminal.” This statement summarizes the daily suffering of thousands of Syrians who have escaped the war in Syria and entered Turkey illegally. The harrowing and dangerous path is lit by sorrowful folk songs, as the smugglers drive their cars with people who are no longer able to withstand the atmosphere of death inside their homes and country.

My Uncle Abdullah, 6 minutes 33 seconds, Directed by Hamood Algneid

A short story about an old man in the village of Kernabal, in northern Syria, who flees daily from his home. The daily escape lasted almost two years, and new details of the life of this old man began.

The Truth, (2017) 11 minutes, Directed by Marcelle Aleid

While trying to make a documentary about the broken relationships among some Arab families in Toronto, the filmmaker finds hidden secrets behind the closed doors during the preparation for the interview of three ladies from different backgrounds. Will they tell The Truth?

Um Firas, (2019), 24 minutes 40 seconds, Directed by Madeleine Kate McGowan

She is known as ‘The Mother of The Revolution’ to the young people she supported during the early days of the Syrian uprising in Damascus. To the rest she is known as Um Firas; her real name she will not share. But she tells her story about war, love, home and childhood, in this intimate film-portrait of a woman who has left Syria and can probably never return. Um Firas is one of the many Syrian refugees living in Jordan, she fled Syria back in 2012, as she was wanted by the Secret Police. With this film you come closer to one of the many human beings hiding behind the categorisation, refugee.

Film Still from Aleppo, Directed by Anthony Grippa



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