Tales of the Silk Road Chapter 1: Turkey

Bagri Foundation and Shorts On Tap present Tales of the Silk Road – Chapter 1: Turkey on Wednesday, November 7th at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London E1 6QL from 7pm.

TICKETS: £4 (online) or £5 on the door.

Join Bagri Foundation and Shorts On Tap on a visually compelling exploration of Turkish filmmaking this November 7th. Tales of the Silk Road is a new cross-art series of events starting in Autumn 2018 and continuing throughout 2019.

Presented across multiple venues in London, the events will focus not only on the short films and documentaries of a specific Asian country, but also on its culture, art and traditions.

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The events will be held quarterly in the most vibrant, culturally diverse areas of London: Shoreditch and the West End. The countries featured in the series are Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

The first Chapter of the series is an extraordinary programme of works exploring, depicting, deciphering Turkey through the eyes of its filmmaking talent. Event featuring Q&As with attending filmmakers, panel discussion with special guests and live performances.

Doors open at 7pm.

Film screenings start at 7:45pm

Q&A and panel discussion start at 10pm The show ends approximately at 11pm

FILM PROGRAMME (Total run time 84 minutes)

7 Centimetres (16:30″) by Metehan Sereflioglu
Erdem goes to high school. The principal warns him to cut his hair to obey the school rules. When his parents also pressure him for the same reason, he hesitates because the girl he likes, likes his hair.

The Yarn (10:28″) by Gokce Pehlivanoglu
A Greek-Turkish couple and their little daughter have adopted living in nature as a lifestyle, travelling in their caravan along the Aegean seaside. This time however, their journey ends with a fantastic reflection of a tale that the parents tell their daughter.

Golden Shot (08:52″) by Gökalp Gönen
Rusty machines living in their small houses imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the machines wants to see the sun itself and he has a plan for that.

Arîn (10:44″) by Mizgin Arslan
Solin is a pregnant Kurdish woman living in London with her elderly dad. Unable to speak English, he gets lost. Solin goes searching after the only thing he managed to describe- a clock tower

Weeping Willow (04:36″) by Ethem Onur Bilgiç
There was a man who was a warrior his entire life. He rode from one attack to another, marching on his horse. He was a brave soldier and fought with pride. But maybe, it was time to pause and watch the soldiers going along the setting sun under the shade of the Weeping Willow. This short-animated film is a free adaptation of Nazim Hikmet Ran’s poem “Weeping Willow”.

Child’s Play (03:07″) by Murat Kilic
Nothing has value unless we grant it, and value does not mean anything unless we give it a meaning.

Footprints on the Moon (09:06″) by Serkan Nihat
The term ‘multi-cultural’ is heard all the time, and those living in big cities may think they have a good understanding of what this means. But how much do we really know about what people do and talk about within their own homes? Footprints on the Moon is a ‘day in the life’ film centred around a group of elderly Turkish Cypriots living in North London who have gathered for breakfast to celebrate the final day of Eid. The film is a warm and touching insight into their concerns, fabulous stories and unique humour, shot over a glorious summer’s day. For director Serkan Nihat it was a great chance to document and provide an insight into the journeys and stories of people who rarely have an opportunity to be heard.

Event curated by Bagri Foundation & Shorts On Tap. Hosted by Yasmine Alice

Bagri Foundation is a UK registered charity which aims to foster understanding of Asian cultures, artistic exchanges and enriching experiences. The Foundation explores contemporary arts and living artistic traditions alike, and embraces all forms: cinema, music, dance, visual arts, theatre and literature.

Shorts On Tap is London’s leading short film community.
For the past 5 years they have screened hundreds of short films and documentaries at sold-out events across the capital, becoming the place-to-be for London’s independent filmmakers. Shorts On Tap is also active with regular events in Berlin and Tokyo.

Tales of the Silk Road – Chapter 1: Turkey
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