Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival Closing Night 2017 – Nadeem Aslam

The Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival invited cultural journalist and critic Maya Jaggi to chair a conversation with Nadeem Aslam about his recent book, The Golden Legend, for the closing night on the 26th May 2017.


The book is set in contemporary Pakistan, and tells the story of a Muslim widow and her Christian neighbours whose community is consumed by violent religious intolerance. It is a novel about the relationship between power and powerlessness: between men and women, between East and West, between adults and children, between a state and its citizens, between the majority population of a country and the minorities.


Here’s a video of their passionate and engaging conversation.


Nadeem Aslam

Nadeem Aslam was born in Pakistan and now lives in the UK, and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. His previous novels include Season of the Rainbirds (1993), Maps for Lost Lovers (2004) The Wasted Vigil (2008), and The Blind Man’s Garden (2013).

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The New York Times

Fleeing a Fictional World of Despots and Drones

19 May 2017, Francine Prose


“This apparent dystopia is, in fact, all too real. The nightmare Aslam so forcefully describes is, he suggests, a portrait of the most turbulent and painful aspects of everyday life in contemporary urban Pakistan.”


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The Economist

Nadeem Aslam shows how to make great literature out of despotism

22 April 2017


“Offsetting the hatred and bleakness are the luminous main characters … for whom history, culture and religion are not circumscribed by hard boundaries.”


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The Wire

Review: Finding Beauty in a Dystopic Reality

1 March 2017, Radhika Oberoi


“Aslam establishes a pattern of chaos followed by stillness, death followed by regeneration, tragedy that leaves an exquisite sorrow and kindness in its wake.”


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Faber & Faber (blog)

Editor to Author: An interview with Nadeem Aslam

20 February 2017


“I wanted to look for the moral centre of today’s world, and wanted the characters to be like a series of icons (not unlike the saints), representing grace, love, honesty, endurance, sacrifice, etc.”


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The Guardian

The Golden Legend review – beauty and pain in Pakistan

28 December 2016, Lara Feigel


“Evil here is not innate. Nargis’s uncle sees it as “another word for stupidity, for not knowing what really mattered in life” In the face of this, there’s a collective spirit that makes its way across the country, enabling a communality of the good or the sane.”


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