Jashn-e-Rekhta: Virtual Urdu festival comes to the UK!

The largest Urdu festival in the world comes to the UK on 5-6 September 2020!

Jashn-e-Rekhta (JeR) UK will be no ordinary virtual festival – for the first time, it creates an immersive and interactive platform that echoes the experience of Rekhta’s unique Delhi festival since 2016. 

JeR presents, for the UK, 32 digital sessions across three stages over the weekend. Some highlights, as well as those made especially for the UK, include:

  • Javed Akhtar and Manoj Muntashir, poets and lyricists from two different generations present ‘Cinema – Kal aur Aaj’ – a conversation around films, lyrics and Urdu poetry.
  • Azra Raza, the highly acclaimed physicist, scientist and author presents the world of Ghalib in her grand style.
  • Yawar Abbas relives the golden years of radio with fellow broadcasters Raza Ali Abidi and Pervaiz Alam.
  • Sania Saeed, renowned Pakistani actor, Tanuja Chandra, Indian film director, and Nasreen Munni Kabir, filmmaker and author, discuss the contribution of Urdu to the world of cinema and television.
  • Tina Sani and Shilpa Rao present ‘Reviving Ghazals for Millennials’ .

Along with these sessions, the UK audience can enjoy some of the most popular events from JeR India’s archives including storytelling, dance, music, poetry recitation, and discussions with major artists across the world.

The festival tickets can be purchased at https://jashnerekhta.org.uk/

Sanjiv Saraf, Founder, Rekhta Foundation says: “JeR UK aligns with Rekhta Foundation UK charitable objective of cultural preservation & promotion, education & advocacy of Urdu’s rich literary and composite heritage. We want today’s young people to be able to appreciate and be proud of their own traditions, and to encourage them to channel their energy in creative ways. Urdu’s uniqueness lies in the way it brings together Arabic, Farsi and other Indian dialects. As one of the most elegant languages, Urdu is able to express love in all its manifestations, divine and earthly, using the most beautiful symbolism. No matter who speaks it, magic is always felt. JeR UK gives us the opportunity to experience this magic through musical performances, discourses, dance and theatre.”

Notes to Editors:

Urdu & Rekhta in the UK: Urdu is listed as the fourth main language in England and Wales and ranked third in the top 10 most spoken languages in London. Its popularity can also be gauged from Rekhta’s follower count. rekhta.org, the world’s largest repository of Urdu literature, is followed by nearly 226,000 people in the UK including 211,000 in England and 84,000 followers in the city of London alone, many of them, naturally, young people.

Rekhta Foundation UK: A registered UK charity, Rekhta Foundation UK aims at preservation & promotion of languages, literature and culture of South Asia with a particular focus on Urdu. The Foundation is working towards engaging renowned academics and cultural leaders in Urdu from across the globe to spread awareness amongst the diaspora.

For more info please contact:
R E K H T A  F O U N D A T I O N  UK
Flat 314, 8 Dean Ryle Street
London SW1P 4DA, UK
Tel: 02078286629/ 01488 668518/ 07786 111129
Registered Charity Number: 1184941   

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