Fretless Nomad: A musical journey with Soumik Datta and Fiona Bevan

Project description

The Bagri Foundation is proud to present a musical journey through time but with a difference…TOP singer-songwriter Fiona Bevan (who with pop prince Ed Sheeran wrote One Direction’s hit “Little Things”) joins sarod player Soumik Datta in what will be a one-off and very special musical collaboration on Sunday (June 22). 

The pair will join an Afghan rubab player in “Fretless Nomad” which charts the musical evolution of this instrument and its relationship to the sarod, the far better known Indian 19-stringed fretless lute.

It will not just be a concert, as Datta will explain the background to the instruments and there will be a narrative of sorts to accompany the different musical compositions.

Fiona Bevan is a London-based English singer-songwriter. She is noted for co-writing the song “Little Things” with Ed Sheeran which became a number-one single in 13 countries for One Direction, and for which Bevan and Sheeran received a BMI award.

Soumik Datta Arts is a charity that pioneers collaborative music, film, theatre and digital projects while creating platforms for new and emerging talent. Set up in 2013 by Sir David Green and composer, presenter and Sarod-virtuoso Soumik Datta, SDA has a strong track record in UK arts education and training, as well as championing traditional and contemporary arts, culture and heritage projects.