Chang/ce Winning Commissions

three portrait images from left, an orange vase with chicken feet inside, a courtyard with blue skies, a person in shadow kneeling down

19 July – 5 Sept 2021

We are thrilled to present the winning commissions as part of Chang/ce: An Open Call for Animations which went out in January 2021.

Inspired by the Chinese classic, the I Ching or ‘Book of Changes’, the Bagri Foundation released an open call that invited submissions from illustrators and animators focussing on the idea of ‘Change’.  With the help of our guest selectors Olivia Ahmad, Intan Paramaditha, Sahej Rahal and Reaksmey Yean, the artists invited to make new commissions are: Rama Duwaji, Meera Krishnamurthy and Nuka Nayu. Read more about them and the open call process here.

Addressing loneliness, despair, regeneration and growth, the artists present an array of textures, from shadow puppets to hand-drawn characters and photography to costume. Windows and architectural forms create portals for the imagination, to envision new worlds and re-imagine customs and traditions. There is a space for hope in these new commissions, a positive place where the artists have considered how our future and lives can evolve within the global situation we now find ourselves. A great amount has changed for each of us since early 2020, and this is reflected in each of the stories that the artists have created for Chang/ce.

From 19 July, each of the commissions will be released on our website beginning with Meera Krishnamurthy’s work entitled Change/ce.  This will be followed by Nuka Nayu’s commission Book of Permutation = Tale of a dying house and finally Rama Duwaji’s new work Dar Al Qamar. 

They will be available to view exclusively on our website until October. Click on the images below to view the works when they are released.