Broken Images with Shabana Azmi

12 March 2017, Logan Hall


Project description

The Bagri Foundation and Baithak UK are delighted to present the UK premiere of the play Broken Images starring the acclaimed Indian actor Shabana Azmi.

The production depicts the tale of two sisters living under the same roof, dependent on each other, but inhabiting different emotional as well as linguistic worlds. The arrangement is fraught as they continually modify and shatter images of each other and of the world around. Shabana Azmi interprets both sisters and their many images, as they morph into one another, in one of the most challenging roles of her career.

We are proud to support Broken Images to advocate female empowerment in this solo female performance and raise awareness of issues of identity and language politics. We are excited to showcase the exceptional talent of Shabana Azmi, the powerful writing of Girish Karnad and innovative direction of Alyque Padamsee and production by Rael Padamsee of ACE Productions. 

The performance is followed by a Q&A with Shabana Azmi.

The UK premiere of this performance marks International Women’s Day and the 2017 UK-India Year of Culture.