At The Cutting Edge: Experimental Sounds of Asia

7, 13 and 14 November 2019 Café OTO, Dalston

At the Cutting Edge: Experimental Sounds of Asia is a series of concerts celebrating new music from across Asia and the diaspora, performed by natural collaborators and influenced by cross-arts forms. The series takes its inspiration from the acclaimed Japanese composer and jazz musician Jun Fukamachi (1946-2010). Since the 1970s, Fukamachi worked with synthesizers and electronic music, collaborating with a multitude of artistic fields and greatly influencing the next generation of musicians in the Japanese ambient and jazz scenes. At the Cutting Edge, takes its name from his rare record ‘Nicole’, recently re-released in 2017, which was made especially for the Nicole fashion house’s now legendary 1986 spring/summer collection show. At the Cutting Edge brings together musicians from across Asia and the diaspora with those who are inspired by music from Asia. Renowned London artists are joined by musicians who have never or rarely perform in the UK. Each of them, akin to Fukamachi, are natural collaborators and experimenters, who push boundaries and incorporate an array of influences. These include the visual arts, ethnomusicology, found object percussion, archival records from across the world, polyrhythms and even traditional instrumentation. These pioneering artists pave the way for new cross-arts historiographies, which expand upon or subvert conventional musical genres of Asia. The concerts take place over three nights in November at Café OTO. More details for each event can be found at the links below. 7 November – Susie Ibarra, Sunn Trio and ICHI 13 November – Islandman, Nabihah Iqbal and DJ Kobayashi 14 November – Phew, O YAMA O and haihm w/ Bongsu Park About Café OTO Café OTO provides a home for creative new music that exists outside of the mainstream with an evening programme of adventurous live music seven nights a week. The concert programme at Café OTO is managed by OTOProjects – a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). Café OTO is also open as a cafe during the day with a range of pastries and snacks.