Our Mission

The Bagri Foundation, established in 1990, is a family registered charity.  With a shared spirit of curiosity, every member of the team is driven by a desire to learn. Our main mission is to realise unique, unexpected ideas from and on Asia. One of our main aims is to weave traditional Asian culture with contemporary thinking.

The foundation provides support, usually in the form of grants, towards artistic and educational projects. We also establish partnerships following a collaborative model and our partners range in scale—from large national and international organisations like the British Museum in London and The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, to middle-size and smaller cultural and artistic organisations that share our ethos and mission.

Additionally, the foundation often curates its own diverse programme of film, visual arts, music, literature, courses and lectures, and gives artists and experts from across Asia and the diaspora, or those inspired by the continent, wider visibility on the global stage.

The Bagri Foundation is an international non-political, non-religious, non-sectarian and independent charity based in the United Kingdom (Charity number: 1000219).

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Our Grantees and Partners