Summer courses at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts

Enjoy some fantastic courses supported by the Bagri Foundation at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts this month. Discover ceramics and two different forms of Arabic calligraphy through the Bagri Foundation Open Programme at The School, which aims to develop its Asian arts offering.


Explore the exquisite tiles from 13th century Kashan, Iran, considered by many to be the golden age of lustreware, from 15 – 19 August, 10:30am – 5:30pm with ceramic artist Boris Aldridge. Examine the techniques and motifs behind this form of pottery and fire your own lustreware tiles. Book here:


Enjoy two courses with Master Calligrapher Dr Nassar Mansour, starting with Diwani Script from 15 – 19 August, 10:30am – 5:30pm. You’ll examine this cursive style of Arabic calligraphy, which was developed during the reign of the early Ottoman in the 16th century, prepare your own reed pen, practice the letters of the Diwani alphabet and make your own final piece in Diwani. Book here:


Dr Mansour will also teach Squared Kufic Script, 22 – 26 August, 10:30am – 5:30pm. This monumental script, made in square forms with black lines interspersed with white, using the same system found on a chessboard, was developed in the 13th century and very popular in the architecture of Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan. In this course you’ll learn the basic methods that are essential for writing Kufic letters and make a final piece in Kufic. Book here: