Calligraphies of Love by Hassan Massoudy | Interview

“Love understands all languages.” Mediterranean Proverb. Copyright Hassan Massoudy

Celebrate Love with Hassan Massoudy

Today as we’re in the mood for Love for Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the release of Hassan Massoudy’s book, Calligraphies of Love published by Saqi Books with our partners Asia House. Iraqi-born artist based in Paris and classically trained in calligraphy, Massoudy inscribes oversized letters in vibrant colour to create visually striking works which adapt Arabic script into a contemporary context.

Devour his words in this stunning book visual journey through love in its many forms. Hassan Massoudy’s broad strokes and vibrant colours bring to life the words of some of our greatest poets, from Ibn Zaydoun and Rumi to Kahlil Gibran, John Keats and Paul Éluard. A feast for the eyes and the soul!

Asia House’s Literature Programme Manager Hande Eagle interviewed Massoudy. The interview was translated from French by the Bagri Foundation’s very own Head of Arts and Culture, Dr Doria Tichit. See a sample of the interview below.

H.E: “Love understands all languages” but languages change over time and our words come to embody different meanings. Do you think that the word “love” has come to gain a different meaning in today’s world? Would you say that this change/transformation is positive?

H.M: For me, every human being can nurture, within oneself, hatred or love. I understand love as a positive constructive energy. In this book [Calligraphies of Love] there are writers from the East and the West, from the past and the present; they come together in a ‘Hymn to Love’.

Read the full interview with Massoudy here: Love Understands Languages Interview

Don’t miss his upcoming exhibition ‘Words, Breath, Gesture’, 23 Feb – 25 March 2017 at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York.