Driven by a spirit of curiosity
we deliver cross-disciplinary projects
that weave the traditional with the contemporary
and celebrate arts and ideas from across Asia


At the Cutting Edge: Experimental Sounds of Asia

7, 13, 14 November at Café OTO

We can now unveil the exciting new concert series At the Cutting Edge: Experimental Sounds of Asia this November over three nights at Café OTO!

Inspired by Japanese composer and Jazz musician Jun Fukamachi (1946-2010), the series celebrates new music from across Asia and the diaspora. The artists invited to perform are natural collaborators and experimenters, who push boundaries and incorporate an array of influences. They include haihm with Bongsu Park,  Susie Ibarra, Nabihah Iqbal, Islandman, DJ Kobayashi, O YAMA O, Phew and Sunn Trio.

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2019 Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival

The 2019 Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival programme is live! The 13th edition of the UK’s leading pan-Asian literature festival runs from  September to November 2019. We are proud to return as title sponsor for a sixth year, supporting an eclectic programme, showcasing words, stories and ideas from Asia and the diaspora, featuring bestselling authors, comedians and popular poets including 
Jung Chang, Dom Jolly, Nikita Gill, Dan Jones and Azadeh Moaveni. 

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Image: Nikhil Chopra. Photo by Stephanie Berger

Nikhil Chopra 2019–2020 Artist in Residence at The MET

Lands, Waters, and Skies is a live performance by Indian artist Nikhil Chopra, created for The Met’s galleries. For nine consecutive days, Chopra will inhabit various personae and interact with The Met collection. 

At the heart of Nikhil Chopra’s durational performances is the contemplative act of drawing. During his residency at The Met, Chopra will interrogate how identities are formed and understood through a series of dramatic character transformations and the creation of a monumental drawing.

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‘Samsara’ presented by Bagri Foundation & Aakash Odedra Company

After over a year of planning, research and development, Bagri Foundation and Aakash Odedra Company present a world tour and a new dance commission. Entitled Samsara, the new work is a collaboration between Aakash Odedra and Hu Shenyuan, two of the finest exponents of culturally-specific dance forms from their countries of origin, India and China, on the world stage.

Samsara is inspired by Wu Cheng’en’s classic 16th century Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’ which depicts the journey of Buddhist philosophy from India to China, in turn inspired by the real life monk Xuanzang who undertook a pilgrimage in the 7th century. 

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